Is your lip balm gluten free?


Ever consider how safe your lip balm is? Many people with celiac disease may not realize a common item such as lip balm and lip stick may contain gluten. I was guilty of not knowing this when I first went gluten free. I mean isn’t lip balm supposed to be made of honey and Shea butter for example why would it contain gluten. I use my lip balm several times a day and usually have two or three kinds in my purse. I know I am not the only one, I have several friends who are lip balm junkies also. Often cosmetics companies often use gluten in cosmetics it is very important to find out which ones are safe to use. I have contacted several companies and put together a comprehensive list of some great gluten free lip balms.

Babyganics Kissy Face Lip & Face Balm Fragrance Free: This is a great balm for chapped lips and skin especially if you have a baby or toddler with celiac disease.

Blistex: Their customer service informed me that Stridex and Blistex Lip Care products are gluten free; meaning that they are free from wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

Carmex: Carmex is gluten free! According to their website there is not even a speck of gluten in their products and they do not use any flour in the manufacturing so there is no chance of it on their conveyor belts.

E.O.S :  I love their funky bobble shaped lip balm it is gluten free and is clearly labeled so. I also love their prices!

Ecco Bella: All of their cosmetics are gluten free and have a variety of lip care products. 

Green Beaver: They make a great Gluten free lip balm ! The mint is my personal favorite.

Hurraw: Hurraw Lip Balm is gluten free and comes in some really unique flavors like Earl Grey and Root beer.

Joelle Cosmetics: All of their cosmetics are gluten free- they have great soy based lip balms.

Juice Beauty All Juice Beauty Products are 100% gluten free. They make great moisturizing lip balms with SPF!

Rallye Balm from Red Apple lipstick:  They also make incredible gluten free lipstick and lip glosses. Rallye Balm is also vegan,soy free, corn free and rice free.



  1. Buddha Balm lip balm is gluten free &; cruelty free!
    Zinc oxide too for sun protection!
    Available at 2000 locations nationwide.
    Must try mandarin orange ginger flavor!!

  2. Just found your blog through Living Without Allergies (glad I did). I have had Celiac Disease since 2007. I’ve recently seen an allergist and dermatologist for skin rashes on my eyes and other parts of my body. I am now in the process of determining if I am allergic or have an intolerance to various skin and hair products. You listed several companies for lip balms. But do you have a list of companies or other websites for the skin and hair products that are allergen friendly? Thanks in advance. cc

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