Gluten Free at Aldi’s!

Aldi’s is a great store to help you save money. Over the last year they have introduced more gluten free and organic foods. I went today and thought I would share a few of my finds.

aldis gluten free cereal like chex

I found Millville Gluten Free Corn and Rice Squares priced at $2.19 at my store.

aldis gluten free fruit twist

Lunch Buddies All Natural Fruit Twist- $1.99 at my store. Great find for gluten free kids!

aldis gluten free pancakes 1

Aldi’s currently has gluten free pancakes, blueberry and buttermilk for $2.89. These are a special buy so that means while supplies last!

A few of my other favorites at Aldi’s include pickles, jalapeno peppers and banana peppers, butter, Greek yogurt, frozen berries,  frozen bell peppers, little cartons of refrigerated orange juice, hummus. I look for great quality and a low price. Please share what you love at Aldi’s!


  1. I love their clear gluten free labeling. I wish more stores would do that with their store brands. I buy canned beans, hummus, canned tomato products, and non-dairy milks on a regular basis. The GF pancakes are tasty.

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